Category: Artificial Intelligence in Biology

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Your Behavior, Modeled

Think about the last time you’ve seen ads or recommendations being made to you while browsing Netflix, Instagram or Amazon. It’s likely that such recommendations are driven by what most people would call “AI” or Artificial Intelligence. Now think about when the last time the recommendation or ad you got was actually was something you…
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Fynd Science Analytics

PyMethylProcess – a preprocessing workflow for DNA methylation

Performing highly parallelized preprocessing of methylation array data using Python can accelerate data preparation for downstream methylation analyses, including large scale production-ready machine learning pipelines. We present a highly reproducible, scalable pipeline (PyMethylProcess) that can be quickly set-up and deployed through Docker and PIP.

Deep learning applications in everyday life

Deep learning in epigenomics and the new Python tool MethylNet

Deep learning models, designed for biology, will enhance our ability to study natural phenomena and disease states.